Water "Toys" and Floats

Miami Paddleboarding (SUP)

Nothing cooler than cruising the sandbar on your paddleboard.

The “coolest” and most popular adventure recently has been Paddleboarding (SUP). While designed for one, many adults prefer taking a friend or your pet, for a calm and beautiful ride of the Sandbar and its gorgeous shallow surroundings and you will have a breathtaking 360 degree panoramic view throughout your ride second to none.

Miami Kayaking is Available for an additional fee. ($75)

Nothing cooler than cruising the sandbar on a Kayak.

Touring the crystal clear waters of the Sandbar by Kayak is the best way to intake the entire Sandbar experience and checkout what other boaters and locals doing.Children and adults alike will enjoy this experience.  

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Miami Snorkeling Tour

A snorkel trip to the nearby reefs in Miami must be done by boat and we are always ready upon your request to take you snorkeling during your PRIVATE BOAT TOUR as our boats are stocked with snorkeling gears at all times.

There is an underwater paradise waiting at our doorstep with miles of coral reefs teeming with marine life lining our coasts. We are blessed with the third largest coral reef in the world, (after Australia's and Belize's Barrier Reefs). It extends southwards from Miami for some 170 miles into the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.

This wonderful ecosystem paired with our wonderful weather year-round, makes Snorkeling in Miami some of the most popular things to do and enjoyed any month of the year. So how do we get to the colorful reefs? Unfortunately, the coral reefs are about 3 to 8 miles offshore.


Miami Sandbar Charters
Miami Private Boat Tours


BBQ/Grill included (Burgers, Hotdogs and sides are included).

Nothing better than grilling on the water!

Our captain or mate will be happy to grill and serve you and your guests or grill it yourself if you prefer (condiments, plates, cups, utensils and grilling tools are provided). Or, simply pack some sandwiches and chips…. The Choice is yours!

Burgers, Hotdogs and 1 side (potato salad or similar) will be served
at not extra charge (1 Burger and 1 Hotdog per person)

Upgrade to SKIRTSTEAK, Sausage, 1 side (potato salad or grilled veggies or similar) and Fresh Fruits for $19 per person.

Note: Cooler and Fresh Ice for your food and drinks are provided at no extra charge.
2 bottles of drinking water per person are provided at no extra charge.
We also can customize your options . All upgrades food must be  ordered ahead of time.

BBQ-Grill / Snorkeling Gear / Paddleboard / Kayak* / Floaties / Football / Frisbee / Volleyball / Racquetball


*Kayak available for an additional fee

Water "Toys" and Floats included.

Bring the "Kid" out of you again!

Play with all of our "Toys" with your family and friends or just lay back on our floats with a drink in hand and let the sun and water do the "Magic" on you.

"Toys" includes: Beach Ball, Noodles, Floats, Football, Volleyball, Frisbee and Raquetball