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Q: Tell us about your captains.
A: All our Captains are USCG Licensed and been boating and snorkeling the water in Miami for years. Our Captains are FUN to be around and fantastic with kids, they pride themselves with years of experience in the hospitality industries.

Q: Tell us about your boats.
A: Our fleet consists of the followings:
“Team High 5” is an Ice Blue 35 foot SeaHunter 
/“Reel Love” is a White/Blue 35 foot Contender/ “Game Changer” is a White/Red 31 foot Contender.
All of our boats are equipped with a Premium Sound System/ Fresh water shower / Plenty of seating / Dive ladders / Extended Shade area / Wide gunnels for sun tanning .

Q: Can we “tie-up” with other boats?
A: if requested, We do our best to tie up with other boats if we can do it safely.

Q:Food and Drinks includes?

A: Burgers, Hotdogs and 1 side (potato salad or similar) will be served at not extra charge(1 Burger and 1 Hotdog per person).
Upgrade to SKIRTSTEAK or CHICKEN (boneless), Sausage, 1 side (potato salad or grilled veggies or similar) and Fresh Fruits for $19 per person.
Note: Cooler and Fresh Ice for your food and drinks are provided at no extra charge.
2 bottles of drinking water per person are provided at no extra charge. We also can customize your options . All upgrades food must be  ordered ahead of time.

Q: Can you take us to waterfront Restaurant or Bar?
A:Our captains will be more than happy to fulfill your request as long as the Restaurants and Bars are in the nearby area. Talk to your captain as soon as you get picked up.

Q: Can we snorkel? Do we have to pay for Snorkeling Gear or bring our own?
A: Snorkeling is included in our excursions and no need to bring your own snorkeling gear unless you prefer to use your own. Keep in mind that safety is our number 1 priority so snorkeling is based on weather permitting.

Q: Do we need to bring anything?
A:You are welcome to bring your own food, snacks and drinks. We provide you with a cooler full of ice for your food and drinks and a grill/BBQ for your meats. Also we do provide you with Plastic silverware, plates, cups and all your condiments for your burgers and meats.
We also recommend you bring water shoes, towels, sun block, sunglasses and extra shirt.

Q: Paddleboard, Kayak and floats included?
A:1 Paddleboard and bunch of floats and water "Toys" are included. Double Kayak is available for $75 and must be requested during your reservation.            

Q: Are Pets Allowed?

A: We love pets so Yes they are allowed to be onboard as long as they are friendly and of course you will be responsible if they shew or cause and damages to our vessels. NOTE: we do not provide lifevest for pets.

Q: Is the Sandbar FUN!?


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